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Leaf MyGrow

inserting a soil-sensor

Leaf-MyGrow for every culture

With our platform Leaf-MyGrow you have always and everywhere everything in the overview. You will also benefit from our continuing development in the future, when fully automated production is possible using Leaf-Climate and our learning algorithms.

Optimize your strategy

to save resources such as water and fertilizer. Refine the taste or even get more yield.

Easy and relaxed guy after installing Leaf Connect


Over-watered, under-irrigated, over-fertilized or under-fertilized. Get timely alerts through our Leaf-MyGrow platform and Pushover App before extensive crop damage is incurred.

All on One sight

No matter how many greenhouses you have distributed in different locations, with Leaf-MyGrow you have all greenhouses at one view. The tags are self-namable and allow you to easily compare multiple locations or crops at once.

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