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Leaf Ai - Greenhouses with Smart Sensor Technology

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Eliminate Water Waste and Improve Plant Health

A soil moisture sensor solves the problem of watering and irrigation in greenhouses. It provides real-time data on the moisture level, temperature and fertilizer content. By monitoring this data, greenhouse farmers can determine when to water their plants, and how much water to supply, to ensure that the soil is consistently moist but not waterlogged. This helps to improve plant health, while also reducing water waste and the risk of root rot or mold growth.

Efficent Water management with Leaf Ai
Healthy Tomatos in a  giant Greenhouse

Secure Your Success with Effective Pest and Disease Detection

A leaf wetness sensor measures the amount of moisture on plant leaves. By monitoring this parameter, farmers can take informed actions to improve plant health and increase their yield.


Minimize Plant Stress with the fitting Climate

A climate sensor monitors the temperature, humidity and air pressure within the greenhouse. This helps to ensure that the environment remains consistent and suitable for plant growth. The real-time data allows farmers to set the right conditions for heating, cooling, and ventilation, reducing the risk of plant stress. Furthermore, you increase your yields, plant health, and productivity.

Big Greenhouse from the outside
Picture of wasted food and fruits

Say Goodbye to Food Waste with a Blockchain Marketplace

Leaf AI's decentralized marketplace connects farmers directly with consumers all over the world. Through our platform, Leaf-MyGrow, farmers gain better understanding of demand and can adjust their production accordingly, reducing waste and increasing profitability. Its Produce is traceable and your impact verifiable enabled through the Blockchain.

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