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Leaf Ai - Open fields with Smart Sensor Technology

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Unlock the Secrets of Your Agricultural Microclimate

By connecting a high-precision weather station to our Leaf-Connect, farmers can gain a complete understanding of the microclimate surrounding their crops. The collected data, including temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed, solar radiation, lightning, and more can be utilized to make informed decisions on irrigation, fertilization, pest management and more. The result - improved quality, increased yields, and reduced crop damage.

Agriculture fields with changing weather
dry soil with a small plant being planted

Healthy Soil, Healthy Crops

Optimize your crop's health and yield with the matrix potential sensor and soil moisture sensor combination. The matrix potential sensor optimizes irrigation techniques by providing crops with the right amount of water at the right time. The soil moisture sensor detects temperature, moisture level, and fertilizer content, leading to improved soil fertility and plant health. This results in increased crop yield, quality, and reduced water waste and energy consumption.


Keep Your Crops Safe with Early Pest and Disease Detection

Early signs of Outbreaks can be detected and forecasted by monitoring leaf wetness levels, allowing them to take proactive measures to prevent the spread of pest and diseases. This can help to reduce crop damage and improved yield and quality. Additionally, it can also provide valuable information about overall plant health, which can be used to optimize irrigation and fertilization practices.

Farmer checking his crops with My Grow Platform and Leaf AI
Man is croping his field with old technology

Unlock the Power of Owning Your Data with Leaf AI's Blockchain Solution

Owning and controlling your data is crucial for privacy and security. Companies often use personal data for profit without giving a fair compensation to the data owner. Leaf AI recognizes this and pays owners of Leaf AI sensor products in Green Leafs. Every verified data set helps improve the network and is valuable. Empowering individuals, ensuring a fair exchange, true feasibility and full transparency.

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